The Flipside F.A.Q.

16 Mar

What is the Flipside?

The Flipside is a free press publication that is published at the University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Our involvement, as an organization, is one that is involved in the University, but we print without affiliation to the university—especially in the sense that the views expressed are not condoned in any way by the university.

How much does it cost?

The Flipside is completely free and you can pick it up at the university or in the Eau Claire area. Our costs are paid for by the university through student senate. We also get money through advertisements. But we do accept donations!

How can I subscribe?

We do not currently offer a subscription service. We will work with libraries, archives, and universities to get issues to them. But otherwise we do not have a large enough spread to offer personal or small-scale subscriptions.

In the future we may have online subscriptions available through a mailing list. Otherwise each week the newest issue will befound on the main page and then added to the archives page. I’m sorry but we are still, and will continuously, be updating the archives, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for come back again and we’ll hopefully have them up.

How often is it distributed?

We distribute every other week, so just check around! I am sure you can find the latest issue.

Can you only get issues on campus?

We work to distribute with local businesses and libraries but the most widely available source is the campus, especially the student union.

How can I (or my business) advertise in the Flipside?

You can get the advertising rates and more information here. We accept many advertisements and we would be happy to work with anyone who wishes to get advertisements in the issue. More details can be given with direct contact.

Who is allowed to write articles?

Anyone is allowed to write articles. We specifically target students and we are really looking for articles from students. But anyone within the community or from the faculty is more than willing to submit an article.

What kind of articles can be written for the Flipside?

We accept any kind of article. Poetry, literature, artwork, current news, or editorials are allowed. If you have something outside of these, I am sure that we won’t mind, just submit and see!

When should articles be submitted by?

The submit-by dates are on each issue for the next two issues. Otherwise on the submission page there is the date that you will need to submit by in order to have the article in that issue.

How long does it take you to make the Flipside?

We have a two week brewing period. The first week involves planning and pushing people to submit articles. Then on that weekend we layout the issue and submit it to our printer. Then on Tuesday of the second week, we collect the printed issue, which we distribute, finally, on that Wednesday.

Can my business be added as a distribution place?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we can hopefully accommodate your business for distributing.